February's Featured Artist

Jaimie, an Orange County, CA native and mother of two young
children, left the corporate world and found an artistic passion in cookie
decorating. She attended a course in decorating, which a year later turned into
a hobby, and then became a business. Sweet Butter Coco LLC formed in February

Since her childhood, Jaimie had always wanted to have a creative career. She had a passion for music from a young age (specifically piano improvisation), art, cookie, baking, and basically all things young girls dream of. After graduating UCLA with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Conservation Biology, Jaimie found herself as an Environmental Engineer without being able to utilize her creative energy. Luckily years later, she was able to create a path combining her love of art and baking. Now she finds joy in not just decorating cookies and managing her own small business but being able to
create products that make people smile.

Jaimie’s two favorite parts of cookie decorating are transforming a theme into various cookie designs and sketching them out for a specific
customer. As well as decorating the cookie itself—which proves to be a therapeutic moment for her to balance the stress in her own life.

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