November Featured Artist- Alexandra Schoen

November Featured Artist- Alexandra Schoen

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Welcome to our first ever B&G Co. featured artist, Alexandra Shoen! Alexandra is a contemporary artist living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Featuring works in multiple mediums, Shoen is inspired by the animal kingdom, with her figures often captured in threatened environments. Her stunning artwork conveys both new romanticism and with old-world charm, striking the viewer with both beauty and haunting allure.

Alexandra received her BFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a concentration in painting. Schoen has shown nationally and has international collections. 

B&G Co. has been fascinated by Alexandra’s work and we are excited to release our first collection of artist collaborated products with her later this month!

Website: Alexandra Loesser-SchoenAlexandra Loesser (

Instagram: Alexandra Loesser Schoen ( • Instagram photos and videos

Etsy Store: AlexandraSchoenArt - Etsy

A few of our favorite pieces are below. 

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