January Featured Artist- Rebecca Jewell Holbrook

January Featured Artist- Rebecca Jewell Holbrook

Rebecca Jewell Holbrook is a fine arts painter. Her work is inspired by light, water, the subconscious mind and art deco images. Rebecca has studied aspects of the human mind along with its connection to art through painting, architecture, and fashion design. While a practicing clinical psychologist, she was amazed at how incorporating art therapy into the sessions granted immediate access to clients’ issues and dreams and facilitated the ability to heal.

The core of Rebecca’s work represents both the serenity of nature and the dream world. Her Art Deco style images “Art Deco Dreams I and II” are inspired by light, water, and the subconscious mind. Her family’s quiet tender moments in nature inspired the watercolor “Serena’s Braid” and her acrylic painting “Crystal Cove”.

“I like to think my paintings visualize imagination and beauty and a dreamlike fantasy. Painting connects me to images of the past and the future and the reality of both the subconscious and conscious mind and its beauty. I hope my viewers get a sense of this too.” 

Rebecca moved to New York working in the fashion industry and expanding her horizons both in architecture and interior design. When she returned to California she taught, Psychology and the Visual Arts” at Loyola Marymount University and “Child Development” to Toy Design majors at Otis College of Art and Design. There at Otis College of Art and Design she returned to her love of painting, completing her post graduate certificate in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design.


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